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It is my pleasure and an excellent opportunity to contribute to the department's site by this simple word and shed some light on the department of physics at King Abdulaziz University. I thank Allah Almighty for reconciling and gratitude to me in this position to serve the university, college, and department mainly. Many thanks go to the chairman of KAU, Dean of the Faculty of Science, and colleagues for their contributions in facilities and guidance to serve the university and the development and improving them to the most beneficial levels.

Physics is the ability to examine the natural phenomena that arise from the material, movement, and energy and the interactions between them, in addition to other concepts such as space and time, including deals this science with the characteristics of cosmic we could be measured, such as power and energy, mass and charge, and generally aims of physics to interpretation and characterization these natural phenomena and the laws that govern the universe from the atom to the galaxy through the proposals rise to the hypotheses and theories of viable and non-viable Test.
We hope that the website contains sufficient information for visitors and answer all the questions of students and professors. We are pleased to receive suggestions for the site's development by sending it by e-mail. We hope you have a good time on our website.

Ahmed Salem A. Alshahrie


Department Chairman , KAU.


Contact Information:

Dr.Ahmed Salem A. Alshahrie

Office number: 3019 Building number: 90A

Tel: 0126400000    EXT: 67022



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