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PHYS 462

Nuclear Radiation and Detectors




PHYS 461


Objectives of the course:

To familiarize the students with the practical side of nuclear physics that will help them to work in radiation detection and protection fields.


Course Description:

Radiation sources(standard sources and radiation machines), interaction of radiation with matter and the biological effects of radiation, counters and detectors(solid, liquid, gaseous), pulse processing and analysis, particle identification methods, nuclear energy and safety applications.


Main text books:

1- Radiation detection and measurement by G.Knoll, John – Wiley.

2- Nuclear electronics by P.W. Nicholson, John – Wiley.


Subsidiary books:

1- Introduction to nuclear radiation detectors by P.N.Cooper, Cambridge university press.

2- Techniques for nuclear and physics experiments (A how – to approach), by W.R.Leo, Springer - Verlag.

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