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PHYS 461

Nuclear Physics




PHYS 354


Objectives of the course :

The objective of the course is to give the students a good understanding of the basic concepts of nuclear physics .


Course Description :

General properties of the nucleus, nuclear stability, stability line and the table of nuclei. Binding energy, separation energy. The liquid drop model. Nuclear decay law, half life, mean life -time and radioactivity. Decay schemes. Production of radioactive materials. Alpha decay, Beta decay, Gamma decay, nuclear structure models, nuclear reactions and safety applications.


Main text books :

The Physics of nuclei and Particle, Richard Dunlap, Thomson- Brooks/cole (2004) 


Subsidiary books :

1- Elements of nuclear physics W. Burcham  Longman  (1979) .

2- Introductory Nuclear Physics H.S. Krane (1987).

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