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PHYS 456

Statistical Mechanics




PHYS  (221, 354)


Objectives of the course :

To introduce the statistical concepts in physics. It has been suggested to study basic laws of statistical physics and to apply them to a wide range of problems .


Course Description:

Review of the three thermodynamics laws , Introduction to statistical physics ( a particle in a box, energy levels, microstates, macrostates, entropy). Statistical thermodynamics ( distribution of energy between systems in equilibrium, equilibrium of a system in a heat bath, the partition function). The heat capacity of solids , black body radiation (the partition function of photons, properties of black body radiation). The perfect classical gas (the partition function of the gas, the Maxwell velocity distribution).  The perfect quintal gas (the partition function of Bosons and Fermions, the Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distribution).


Main text books :

Statistical physics by: F. Mandl, John and sons (1988) reprinted 2002 .


Subsidiary books :

Fundamentals of statistical thermodynamics by F. Reif, Mcgraw Hill, (1985) .

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