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PHYS 412



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PHYS 412

Laser Physics




PHYS (311, 354)


Objectives of the course :

 To study the physical principles of laser and its different types, also to study the characteristics of laser beam and its applications .


Course Description :

Spontaneous and stimulated emissions, The idea of lasers- theory of lasers, Properties of lasers, Resonators and modes. Divergence and coherence of laser beam, Modification of lasers, Classification of lasers,  some applications of laser beam.


Main text books :

Lasers by Bela A. Lengyel .


Subsidiary books :

1- Safety With Lasers and Optical Sources by D. Sliney an M. Walbrasht  (1987) .

2- Optoelectronics - An introduction by J. Wilson and J.B. Hawakes (1983) .

3- Laser Communication Systems by William K. Psatt (1978) .

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