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PHYS 353

Classical Mechanics II




PHYS 252


Objectives of the course:

This course is  a continuation for PHYS252 course. More advanced topics are introduced in classical mechanics.


Course Description:

System of particles, angular momentum, lab and center of mass coordinate systems, mechanics of rigid bodies, the physical pendulum, laminar motion, collision of rigid bodies, motion of rigid bodies in three dimensions, Euler’s equations, gyroscopic motion, motion of a top, gyrocompass, inertia tensor, Lagrangian mechanics, generalized coordinates, Hamilton’s variational principle, Hamiltonian equation, dynamics of oscillating systems, normal coordinates, coupled harmonic motion, continuous system and the wave equation.


Main text books:

Analytical mechanics by G.R. Fowles and G. Cassiday, 7th edition (2004) Brooks Cole publishing .


Subsidiary books :

1- Introduction to classical mechanics by A.P. Arya (1997) prentice-Hall .

2- Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by S. Thornton and J. Marion, Brooks Cole, 5th edition (2003).

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