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PHYS 343

Special Relativity




PHYS 241


Objectives of the course :

Introduce the basic ideas and concepts of the special relativity to the student.


Course Description :

Revision of the relativistic ideas discussed in PHYS 241. Physics before relativity and the Newtonian relativity. Relativistic kinematics: Einstein's postulates of the relativity and their consequences. The four-dimensional space and the space-time invariant interval. Relativistic dynamics: Energy, momentum, and conservation of energy and momentum. Relativistic collisions and Compton effect. A gentle introduction to general relativity.


Main text books :

1- Special relativity, from Einstein to strings. Patricia M. Schwarz and John H. Schwarz, Cambridge university press. 2004.

2- Space time physics, 2nd  edition, Edwin F. Taylor, John Archibald Wheeler.


Subsidiary books :

1- Introduction to special relativity, by Robert Resnick., John Wiley and sons, 1968.

2- Special relativity, by A. P. French, Van Nostrand Reinhold (UK) Co. Ltd,  (1968-1984).

3- Introduction to relativity, by John B. Kogut., A Harcourt Science and technology company, (2001).

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