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PHYS 342

Modern Physics II




PHYS (241, 251, 252 )


Objectives of the course :

The course is intended to convert the student from the classical (Newtonian) sense to the modern (Quantum) sense of Physics. It will teach quantum physics fundamentals and other main features of modern physics .


Course Description :

The Schrödinger equation and its applications, the hydrogen atom in quantum physics, quantum numbers, angular momentum, intrinsic spin, energy levels and spectroscopy, Zeeman effect; fine structure, the Pauli's exclusion principle, the periodic table, properties of elements, x-ray, optical spectra, the band theory in solids, electrons in metals, superconductivity, semiconductors . Nuclear structure and Radioactivity.


Main text books :

Modern Physics by K.S. Krane (2005), Wiley, John & Sons, Inc .


 Subsidiary books :

1- Concepts of modern physics by A. Beiser, sixth edition (2002), McGraw-Hill Com .

2- Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by J. Taylor, C. Zafiratos and M. Dubson, 2nd edition, 2003.  

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