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PHYS 312

Electronic Circuits I




PHYS 202, MATH 202


Objectives of the course :

To provide the basic information for BSc students in order to understand and analyze DC & AC electric circuits.

Course Description:

Study of Electric current starting from Ohm’s law and their applications in Electric,  circuits, including the study of current & voltage AC & DC source. The laws of Kirchhoff and methods of solving DC circuits, Elements of A.C circuits and their components (Capacitance & inductors), Representing voltage & currents through the concept of phasors, Methods to solve AC & DC circuits using Thevnin and Norton methods, Diodes & rectification of AC voltages, Smoothing circuits, power supplies, Transistors, biasing and circuit configurations and transistor with small signal model.


Main text books :

Fundamentals of Electronics Circuits (with CD-ROH), By Charles Alexander, Hathew Sadika, McGraw Hill (2003)


Subsidiary books:

1- Basic electronics, solid state,  by B.L. Theraja (1997).

2- A text book of electronics by L.S.Kakani (1991).

3- Electrical circuit analysis by Taberad Sigals (1980).

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