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PHYS 252

Classical Mechanics I




PHYS 110, MATH 202


Objectives of the course :

A continuation of the principles of classical mechanics introduced in the elementary course of physics with some expansion and the introduction of new concepts such as general motion of a particle in three dimensions, the celestial mechanics, and the non inertial reference system to enable the student to tackle more complex systems and to prepare him for the concept of modern physics .


Course Description :

Fundamental concepts of vectors, Newtonian mechanics, rectilinear motion of a particle, the harmonic oscillator, general motion of a particle in three dimensions, noninertial-reference systems, central forces and celestial mechanics .


Main text books :

Analytical mechanics by G.R. Fowles and G. Cassiday, 7th edition (2004) Brooks Cole publishing .


Subsidiary books :

1- Introduction to classical mechanics by A.P. Arya, (1997) prentice-Hall .

2- Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems by S. Thornton and J. Marion, Brooks Cole; 5th edition (2003).

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