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PHYS 241

Modern Physics I




PHYS 202, MATH 202


Objectives of the course :

This course is intended to give the student a short comprehensive introduction of the special theory of relativity and an introduction to the atomic theory of matter and charge .


Course Description :

The special theory of relativity, hypothesis, Galilean and Lorentz transformation. Relativistic dynamics, photoelectric effect, Black body radiation, the Compton effect, Photon, DeBoglie's hypothesis, Uncertainty principles, wave packet basics properties of atoms, Thomson model, the Rutherford model, Bohr's model the Frank-Hertz experiment, the correspond principle, Wilson-Sommerfeld theory, Sommerfeld relativistic theory.


Main text books :

Modern Physics by K.S. Krane (2005), Wiley, John & Sons, Inc .


Subsidiary books :

1- Concepts of modern physics by A. Beiser, sixth edition (2002), McGraw-Hill Com .

2- Modern Physics for Scientists and Engineers by J. Taylor, C. Zafiratos and M. Dubson, Second Edition (2003) .

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